Our products are used in very wide area, including but not limited in communications, computer, consumer, automotive, storage, industry, medical, military and testing area.


       Traditional telecommunication equipment, FTTP, VOIP, multimedia services, data networking and IT infrastructure products, wireless infrastructure products, power amplifiers, splitters and combiners, high power transistors, etc.  

Computer Peripherals  

       High end printers, cable modem, wireless routers, IP telephones, consumer and office products, banking system etc.  


      Computers, televisions, cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), handheld products, LED, etc.  


      Passenger safety systems, engine control systems, air bags, traction control products, etc.  

High End Computing and Storage  

      High performance computer and server, mainframe system and storage equipment, memory, etc.  


      Power supply, main control panel, monitor, CCTV productsautomotive control equipment, industry robot, access control products etc  


      Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), emergency response defibrillation units, patient monitoring, implantable devices, robotic surgery systems, biometrics and diagnostic equipment, etc.  


      Satellite, radar, airplane, control unit, communication equipment .etc.  

Test & Measurement  

        Power meters, electricity tester, thermal tester, light tester, network tester, gas and oil tester, infrared products, semi-conductor test equipment, DUT and probe cards, wafer inspection systems, etc.