Why Us
 Customer Assurance

    Tayoe states its primary goal is "to exceed the expectations of our customers." The entire organization, beginning with top management, has worked consistently to meet that objective.

    Tayoe's reputation for quality is based on a commitment to the newest and most effective design, manufacturing, testing, and management procedures - including both Statistical Process Control and continuous improvement methodologies.

    To complement quality systems for each product line, Tayoe maintains extensive testing laboratories at its facilities. As a result, the Company is well equipped to maintain qualifications to a wide range of specifications vital to the automotive, commercial, defense, and aerospace markets.

 One Stop Turnkey  Service
       The Tayoe Electronics Manufacturing Division (EMD) provides Full Turnkey Services to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers. We support Design Collaboration, Complete Manufacturing Services, Final Testing and Warranty Service, depending on the customer's specific requirements. Tayoe continues to invest in people and capital equipment in order to support our customers to establish a competitive edge in this rapidly changing high-tech world.

    The Tayoe management philosophy emphasized quality and continuous improvement by employing tools such as Six Sigma. Our vertically integrated assembly technology, coupled with our vast experience in component packaging technology, utilizes the following packaging methods to meet the need of world-class products:  

  • Chip-on-Board (COB)
  • Quad Flat No-lead (QFN)
  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Pin-Through-Hole (PTH)

        Tayoe supports customer design service needs with various CAD tool capabilities. These include schematic capture to board layout and electrical analysis. Product lifecycles are shrinking, and new technology is entering the marketplace at an accelerated rate. Tayoe is committed to working closely with its customers to help them stay ahead of market trends.