Tayoe Electronics Co., Ltd(TEC) has been specializing in IC packaging and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) including: SOP, DIP, QFPQFN, BGA packaging and PCB production, SMT, supply chain management and turnkey box build services.  Our customers are serving the consumer, multimedia, communication, computer, industrial, testing, automotive, medical and military markets.
       TEC works with you through the full life cycle of engineering, design and manufacturing to meet your electronic product development and marketing needs. 
      Our motto is “You Imagine. We Engineer. We Make.
      At TEC, we believe that customer encompasses more than just the products we provide. "100% Customer Satisfaction” is our goal and it is the core of TEC’s operation. Procurement, sales, accounting, engineering, manufacturing, inventory, and quality have the same common goal of ensuring directly or indirectly “Total Customer Satisfaction.”